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About PetClub

Our passion, our work.

We’re a bunch of engineers, animal lovers forever. Our story begins in 2017 when after one of the many holidays together, after dinner, we talked a lot about the most frequent and annoying problems we had had in that last period with our animals.

Our happiness at that time did not match perfectly with the work we were doing. Although we had worked until then as engineers, we wanted to try to make these skills available in order to really achieve something useful for our beloved animals, active members of our family.

Suddenly, we realized that a lot of our problems were similar or even identical. At that point, after a few weeks we decided to create a store of products that could be a solution to what were the most common problems for owners and lovers of dogs and cats. So in 2018 PetClub was born, with the Mission to bring to the market a range of products with high quality standards and maximum attention and customer service.


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Choose products with high quality standard by a trusted Company for your loved dog or cat. Taking care of him/her should be like taking care of a member of your family, shop now on

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PetClub wins the Pet Award 2022 and is now Online!

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